About Standex FAQs

A. Standex was incorporated in 1975 and is the successor of a corporation organized in 1955. It became a public company in 1964 and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “SXI” since 1969.

A. Standex has paid dividends each quarter since it became a public corporation in November 1964.

A. Computershare
250 Royall Street
Canton, MA 07021
(800)368-5948 or

A. You have several options.
For our Investor Kit, go to the “Info Request” page of the Investor Relations section of Standex’s website and order the investor kit online, or write to:

Investor Relations Department
Standex International Corporation
23 Keewaydin Drive
Salem, NH 03079 USA

Requests may also be made by:

Phone: 603-893-9701
Fax: 603-893-7324
E-mail: investorrelations@standex.com

A. E-mail Alert Service: Subscribe to the Standex International Corp. Annual Report Alert service. As a subscriber, you will receive an e-mail alert whenever this type of company information is added to this web site. In addition, copies of Standex’s most recent annual reports are accessible on our Investor Relations website in a PDF format. The most recent annual report is available on the Financial Reports screen. Earlier copies are available in the archives section.

A. Click on to the Calendar of Events screen of the Investor Relations website for the date and time of the next earnings announcement.

A. Standex currently has eight directors on its board, seven of whom are independent directors. For more information, go to the Corporate Governance section of the website, click on “Corporate Governance Guidelines” and / or “Directors & Management.”

A. The Compensation Committee consists of Directors Jeffrey Edwards (Chair), Charles H. Cannon, Jr., Thomas E. Chorman and Michael A. Hickey, all independent directors. For more information go to the Corporate Governance section of the website.

A. The Audit Committee consists of Directors Thomas J. Hansen (Chair), Charles H. Cannon Jr., Thomas E. Chorman, B. Joanne Edwards, and Michael A. Hickey. For more information go to the Corporate Governance section of the website.

A. Charles Cannon, Jr., Thomas Chorman, B. Joanne Edwards, Thomas A. Hickey and Thomas Hansen.