Custom Hoists

Engineered solutions for demanding applications

Custom Hoists, Inc.

Custom Hoists, Inc. is a manufacturer of mobile hydraulic cylinders, otherwise known as hoists. A hoist is a machine designed to lift heavy loads, such as industrial machinery, building material or even people. These unique machines make difficult or impossible tasks manageable in industries such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and more.

Our custom hoists are revolutionizing the loading and unloading process in the trucking industry, streamlining operations and improving safety. The refuse industry uses the same cutting-edge technology to make garbage collection faster, easier and more efficient. Our custom hoists are also being used to easily move heavy equipment and cargo at airports, making travel preparations safer and more productive. In all these industries and more, our custom hoists help workers more effectively perform their jobs and reduce the risk of injury and accidents.

Custom Hoists, Inc. is dedicated to making a positive impact on every industry it touches and improving the lives of the workers who keep those industries moving.

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