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Standex Electronics products play a vital role in supporting the technology we use every day and the systems that power our world.

We provide custom solutions to our customers serving a variety of markets such as Military and Aerospace, Medical, General Industrial, Automotive, Major Appliance, HVAC/R, Utility Metering, Lighting, Recreational and Off-Highway Vehicles, Security, Space and Green markets, including Solar, Electric Cars, Smart Meters and more.

From powering the pour of your morning coffee to running your washing machine and improving the efficiency of your car parts, our electronic components empower daily activities and support the safety of essential equipment.  In addition to compelling innovation within homes, our electronic products play a crucial role in supporting renewable energy systems, telecommunications and the equipment powering the scientific discoveries of tomorrow.

Our portfolio includes magnetic reed switches, reed relays, and reed sensors – fluid level, proximity, motion, water flow, HVAC condensate and hydraulic pressure differential. In addition to reed switch-based sensors, we offer unique conductive, capacitive and inductive technologies that can be used to develop custom sensors optimized for a customer’s specific and unique application. We also supply an array of custom power magnetics – 50/60 Hz power transformers, planar transformers, inductors and toroidal transformers, high-frequency bobbin wound transformers, inductors and chokes, air coil and antenna windings and current sense & Rogowski transformers.

Working with us means never having to compromise. We combine product design, engineering, machine shop, manufacturing, environmental testing and laboratory capabilities in every solution. Through continuous dialogue with our customers, we provide innovative, price-competitive products specifically suited to the needs of our business partners.

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