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Standex Engineering Technologies

The mission of the Standex Engineering Technologies Group (ETG), through its Spincraft business, is to utilize cutting-edge technologies and processes to deliver advanced metal forming solutions to leading OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers. These capabilities, combined with industry partnerships and unparalleled customer intimacy, allow us to design and manufacture cost-effective, single-source, quality solutions for the diversified markets of aviation, space systems, defense, energy and medical systems.

The ETG division is comprised of five Spincraft facilities in Boston, Milwaukee and Newcastle, UK. All locations utilize a collaborative engineering approach that shares technical knowledge and supports global manufacturing. With state-of-the-art facilities and streamlined operations, we possess over a century of metal forming experience and expertise spanning a wide range of specialty equipment. ETG’s core capabilities include metal spinning, shear forming, expanding, press forming, heat treating, machining and more.

Our collaborative customer approach and deep organizational relationships within each industry benefit our customers by allowing us to provide reduced costs across an unmatched range of formed sizes, shapes, alloys and complexities. ETG’s manufacturing approach can unlock reduced input material, reduced part count and complexity, streamlined production processes and supply chains and improved lead time.

Our business has been a crucial solution partner for a variety of industries. Solutions manufactured by Standex Engineering Technologies Group are found in some of the military’s most mission-critical hardware supporting all branches of service, in the world’s most advanced space launch vehicles aiding in the commercialization of space, the most fuel-efficient commercial aircraft, cutting-edge medical equipment and within some of the largest fabricated components for global energy providers.

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