Community Involvement

Standex CARES is the Company’s community partnership program, which provides our employees the opportunity for service leadership and engagement.  CARES stands for Connect, Act, Reach, Engage and Serve.  In our vision statement, we commit to “encourage a culture of giving that is a way of life at Standex, extending beyond the walls of our facilities through engagement in our communities and dedicated partnerships that reflect the spirit of our employees.”  We execute this vision through our mission statement, in which we “pledge to support local programs that benefit our communities through the four key areas of education, workforce readiness, humanitarian relief, and community engagement to improve the lives of people in our communities.”

The program, founded in 2016, has been steadily growing year over year.  It is administered by a committee of dedicated employees across the globe.  Business units are encouraged to partner with local organizations in need – in this way, our employees experience the satisfaction of making a direct and identifiable impact in their immediate community.

Our activities have included bringing lean principles to a food pantry by organizing their workflow and building storage; participating in several Habitat for Humanity home builds; mentoring and coaching competitive high school engineering, rocketry and science teams; and using production organization skills to make hundreds of sack lunches for those who lack permanent shelter.

During fiscal year 2021, when Covid made it impossible to travel into our communities to volunteer, we pivoted. Covid and its attendant economic impact created extreme need in all geographic areas in which we operate. Our employees responded creatively to this need and devised ways to help, while staying safe. Most notably, this led to record-level employee participation across the globe.  Collectively during the year of Covid impact, the Company donated over 5,000 food and clothing items to hunger programs and community centers.

Further, fiscal 2021 saw the Standex CARES program reach a milestone: global participation of all locations in two segments: the Electronics group (11 locations in 7 countries) and the Engineered Technologies group (4 locations in 2 countries).  Through the efforts of these employees, orphanages, food banks, senior care facilities, child cancer hospitals and Boys & Girls Clubs received assistance.

Most recently, every U.S. location has participated in the Great American Cleanup, sponsored by Keep America Beautiful. This community beautification project is part of the Company’s commitment to sustainability and zero-waste impact on our communities. Individually and with our colleagues, we removed trash from areas surrounding our facilities, and monitored the volume of litter removed so that we can measure the community impact. Litter’s adverse effect on human, animal and infrastructure health is well documented, and our employees were eager to do our part to mitigate its effect locally.

In upcoming fiscal years, we will continue Standex CARES’ trajectory of growth, so that increased numbers of employees worldwide will engage with the program, which in turn will create more meaningful impact on our communities. While many of our U.S. business units have been taking the lead, we expect that our global locations will catch up in creating lasting community partnerships.