Our Commitment

Since 1955, Standex has been making and keeping compelling promises: promises to our customers, our shareholders, our communities, and most essentially, our employees.

We work with our customers in a model we refer to as “customer intimacy,” in which our teams collaborate closely with our customers’ technical teams to better understand problems and opportunities they are facing and then design innovative solutions for them.

We strive to create an environment where every employee can develop their skills, make a difference, and enjoy a rewarding career doing meaningful work.

We engage with communities where we operate to bring our skills and energies to bear and make them better.  In addition, we support the broader community of the world we share through the offerings of our businesses.  As examples, we solve customer problems in renewable energy, electric vehicles, smart electrical grid, and we support building an expanded network to distribute vital medical treatments.

We practice open and transparent communications with our shareholders to share our strategy to become a high-performance industrial operating company and our progress in achieving it.

At the heart of our culture lie four foundational values that interact to inform and guide our decisions and behavior:

» Accountability
» Innovation
» Integrity
» Teamwork

Please explore the links in this section to learn more about our ESG goals: being a responsible steward of the environment; an active and positive change-maker for our communities; a leader for ethical and transparent business practices; an employer offering a world-class environment of safety, wellness and developmental opportunity for employees of all races and gender; and a valued partner to suppliers and customers who share our values.  We continuously measure our progress, and each success fuels us for the next challenge.

ESG Policies:

ESG_Environmental Policy

ESG_Human Rights Policy