Our Commitment

Since 1955, Standex has been making and keeping compelling promises: promises to our customers, our communities, our shareholders and, mostly importantly, to each other. We deploy our innovative approach to not only solve customer problems, but also to create a welcoming workplace and help our local communities thrive. We are committed to doing the right thing for shareholders, for our communities and for each other. Each of us can and should work to make a difference for an improved, shared future.

At the heart of our commitment lie four foundational values we strive to uphold in our work and daily lives:

» Accountability
» Innovation
» Integrity
» Teamwork

These values frame our decision making, planning and goals. Living these values in our daily life is a continuous process.

Please explore the links in this section to learn more about our corporate responsibility goals: being a sustainable steward of the environment; an active and positive change-maker for our communities; a leader for ethical and transparent business practices; an employer offering a world-class environment of safety and wellness for employees; and a partner to suppliers and customers who share our values.  We continuously measure our progress, and each success fuels us for the next challenge.

Please see below to hear directly from David Dunbar, our Chair, President & CEO: