Standex Employee Experience

Development & Training

Our employees are our most valued asset. We take pride in the growth and development of employees at all levels of the organization, through management workshops, training programs and a tuition reimbursement program. Our management workshops are geared at identifying and improving the skills of our management level employees. Training programs take a variety of forms and focus on both safety improvement and skills enhancements with cross-training. Lastly, our tuition reimbursement program provides reimbursement of qualified educational expenses, such as certification costs and degree expenses.

We have a stated goal to fill 65% of management-level job vacancies with internal candidates and take the necessary training and development steps to attain this goal.

Scholarship Program

We value our employees’ families!

An important employee benefit is the Standex Scholarship Program, which awards scholarships to children of Standex employees to help with college expenses.

Over the course of the program’s 50+ year history, over $2.5M has been awarded to employees’ children!


Wellness encompasses a variety of aspects, including financial, mental and physical well-being. We provide numerous benefits to support our employees’ well-being including a Quit for Life Tobacco Cessation Program, the Employee Assistance Program, which provides confidential and free counseling services for a range of personal and family issues, including stress management, legal assistance, alcohol and drug abuse, relationship and parenting issues, various health programs, including health education programs and gym reimbursement, and also various financial programs (discounted event tickets, computer discounts, etc.).