ESG Oversight & Management

We have formalized responsibility for oversight of our ESG program with two of our board level committees.  Our Board’s Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee maintains responsibility for oversight of our ESG strategy, while the Audit Committee is responsible for oversight of the integrity of those ESG related metrics that we publicly disclose.

From an implementation perspective, we have formed a management level ESG Steering Committee that consists of our Vice President/Chief Legal Officer, Vice President/Human Resources Officer, and our Vice President of Operations and Global Supply Chain. The ESG Steering Committee maintains management level responsibility for implementing the Company’s ESG strategy and reporting on its effectiveness and accomplishments.

To assure continued attention to our ESG Strategy, the ESG Steering Committee provides an update to the Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee at each regularly scheduled quarterly meeting of the Committee.

As our ESG Strategy matures into the establishment of specific goals and the reporting of achievement against these goals, the ESG Steering Committee will periodically review with Audit Committee the processes for measuring such achievements.  The Audit Committee also will receive input from the Company’s internal audit function on the integrity of such processes.

Each of the Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee and the Audit Committee, in turn, provides pertinent updates to the full Board.