Product Value

Standex provides products and solutions through our diverse businesses that positively impact our environment and society.   Increasingly, we are directing our new product development activities into end markets with attractive long-term growth characteristics.   These markets, in large part, are a function of the global pivot to sustainable technologies.  Examples include:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Grid and Electrical Distribution
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Life and Health Sciences

Our participation varies by business.

Our Electronics business provides relays, sensors and power management products in applications for renewable energy, e-mobility applications and their charging systems, smart power grid metering and power management, life sciences and medical equipment,  and IIOT automation.

Our Engineering Technologies business is working with a multinational customer in the early development of hydrogen-fueled vehicles to provide the next generation of transportation technology.

Our Engraving business supports customer-funded R&D projects to develop innovations to improve photovoltaic cells’ performance; it is also developing functional surface texturizations for various customer product applications that enable surfaces to repel viruses and bacteria.

Our Scientific business is a leading provider of storage solutions for vaccines and high-value medicines, supporting a significant increase in the number of distribution points for these products and creating a more robust response network for health crises.