Ethical business practices are the heart of every action we take. Compliance with all standards and laws that govern our business is our minimum commitment – we go beyond this foundation to act with integrity, transparency and honesty at all times in all our transactions. This guides us and helps us make and keep compelling promises to our customers, shareholders, communities and each other.

Code of Conduct

This is the ‘road map’ for our business journey. It applies to every employee globally, as well as to our officers and directors. The Code sets out foundational principles and guidance, including but not limited to promoting a positive workplace.

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No Retaliation Policy

Our bedrock rule: there is no retaliation for bringing forward any ethics or compliance concerns. We cultivate a culture of trust, empowering employees to freely communicate concerns as and when they arise.

Ethics Certification

To ensure that our employees continue to focus on ethics and compliance, our employees review and sign an annual certification to the principles of the Code of Conduct for all employees.

Ethics, Compliance and Cybersecurity Training

We partner with an immersive online learning platform to provide content and training for employees who use computers as part of their work tools. For manufacturing employees, each site has programs for in-person training.

Responsible Sourcing

Standex is committed to high standards of integrity, ethics, and sustainability throughout our supply chain. To this end, we have been evolving a robust responsible sourcing initiative. The critical components for this initiative include our Supplier Code of Conduct, our Conflict Minerals Program and the work of our Responsible Sourcing Council.

Oversight of our ESG program is governed by two board-level committees. Our Board’s Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee maintains responsibility for oversight of our ESG strategy, while the Audit Committee is responsible for oversight of the integrity of those ESG-related metrics that we publicly disclose.

The ESG Steering Committee, led by the VP of Corporate Sustainability, provides an update to the Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee at each regularly scheduled quarterly meeting of the Committee.

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