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Metal Spinners Group Limited now proudly called Spincraft ETG Limited

Spincraft ETG Limited is the new company name for Metal Spinners Group Limited

Effective from 1st November 2013 Metal Spinners Group Limited is proud to announce a change in company name to Spincraft ETG Limited.

Its part of an exciting new period for the company as the name change signifies the progressive integration of the business activities and approach with that of the two USA based Spincraft business’s, following the acquisition of Metal Spinners Group Limited in 2011.

All three companies are operating units within Standex International Incorporated, the parent company, and this enhanced group operates as the Standex Engineering Technologies Group.

“Simplifying our name and brand to align with Spincraft not only emphasizes our reputation for superior forming solutions, but also focuses on our global capabilities and the advantages of being part of an innovative $90 million enterprise,” remarked Brian Batchelor Managing Director,  Spincraft ETG Limited. “We are delighted to be part of the Spincraft family and the name change reflects the successful integration of the two businesses. Metal Spinners Group has a long and proud history, and this heritage will be carried forward as we embrace this new era for the company.”

Len Paolillo President, Spincraft notes “The Metal Spinners acquisition in 2011 added to the forming capabilities, global reach and market penetration of the Spincraft business. Together we present a unified and authoritative presence on forming technology and this name change is designed to emphasise and promote our capabilities to a wider audience. We believe that our new name acknowledges the size, strength, and diversity of the group, - making Spincraft the lead brand representing our forming technology within the worldwide Aerospace, Aviation, Medical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Military and General Engineering markets. “

Other than the company name, all other details remain unchanged. This is purely a company name and branding change, and the company will continue to operate in its current structure and existing contacts, telephone numbers, products and services as well as current contracts and agreements remain unchanged.

The web domain will continue, however a new “” is available.

For more information please contact:-

Spincraft ETG Limited phone - 0191 267 1011, email -,

Spincraft  phone -1 978 667 2771,

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