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Spaceflight Partners – Spincraft

Boeing spaceflight partner Spincraft—a division of Standex International Corporation and part of Standex’s Engineering Technologies Group - produces the fuel tank caps for the SLS core stage.

Spincraft spin forming, heat treating, aging and machining are completed in-house at the North Billerica, Massachusetts, facility. The Engineering Technologies Group provides single-source customized solutions using a wide variety of world-class precision manufacturing capabilities, including metal spinning, heat treating, machining, press forming and other fabrication services for virtually all workable metal alloys.

Spincraft also produced the demonstrator domes for the advanced booster fuel tanks using the Massachusetts in-house dome manufacturing process. Additional SLS hardware includes J-2X engine combustion chamber liner and development on the J-2X engine nozzle assembly.

The advantages of using Spincraft manufacturing processes include a reduced part count by eliminating welds, as well as weight reduction—both benefits achieved by utilizing single-piece construction techniques.

See NASA's "Space Launch System Highlights" and find Spincraft on page 4.