Standex Electronics has grown significantly through numerous acquisitions, larger ones being Meder Electronics in 2012, and OKI Sensor Device Corporation (now Standex Electronics Japan) in 2017. Standex-Meder provides custom solutions to our customers serving a variety of markets such as Military and Aerospace, Medical, General Industrial, Automotive, Major Appliance, HVAC/R, Utility Metering, Lighting, Recreational and Off Highway Vehicles, Security, Space, and Green markets, including Solar, Electric Cars, … Read more


The Engraving Group has been a driving force in the field of comprehensive roll, plate, and mold engraving for more than 80 years. The Engraving Group is a world leader in applying textures to a variety of surfaces for use in automotive, plastics, building products, textile, paper, computer and construction applications. Texturized surfaces are considered … Read more

Engineering Technologies

Metal Forming Solutions The Engineering Technologies Group (ETG) applies innovative metal forming technologies to manufacture cost-effective, single source solutions for customers in the diversified markets of aviation, space, defense, energy and medical. ETG provides turnkey solutions with alternative manufacturing approaches and on-site technical and design assistance. Manufacturing Facilities The Group consists of Spincraft plants within the … Read more


The Scientific business is a provider of specialty temperature-controlled equipment for the medical, scientific, pharmaceutical, biotech and industrial markets. The group designs and produces its products in Summerville, SC. Our product portfolio is used to control the temperatures of critical healthcare products, medications, vaccines and laboratory samples. We focus on solving customer problems for these … Read more

Specialty Solutions

Specialty Solutions includes three key Standex businesses; Federal Industries, Procon, and Custom Hoists. These businesses differentiate themselves in their respective markets by collaborating with our customers in order to develop and deliver custom solutions. Federal Industries provides merchandising solutions to retail and food service customers whose revenue stream is enhanced through food presentation. Federal focuses … Read more