Environmental Footprint

We share the same world, and it is our priority to bring sustainable practices to our business operations. We are continuing our evolution to simply be better at recycling, energy efficiency, reduction of waste and process improvement. We are actively seeking alternatives to critical mineral raw materials that are mined and continuously monitoring our supply chain to ensure transparent and ethical sourcing.

Smart energy management practices have clear economic and environmental benefits. We repeatedly enhance the design and build of our products for long term operation that minimize our carbon footprint.  Our Worldwide Operational Excellence (OPEX) Council is driving this important initiative.

We have created a baseline environmental impact scorecard across our Business Units.  This will help us identify areas in need of urgent attention.  It will also allow us to identify how we stand against relevant benchmarks so that we can adopt best practices across Standex.

Our FY2023 target is a 5% reduction in the following areas:

  • Water consumption
  • Electricity consumption
  • Solid Waste Generation
  • Water Discharge
  • Hazardous Chemical Usage

Environmental Impact Data