Engineering Technologies

Metal Forming Solutions

The Engineering Technologies Group (ETG) applies innovative metal forming technologies to manufacture cost-effective, single source solutions for customers in the diversified markets of aviation, space, defense, energy and medical. ETG provides turnkey solutions with alternative manufacturing approaches and on-site technical and design assistance.

Manufacturing Facilities

The Group consists of Spincraft plants within the US (Spincraft MA and Spincraft WI) and the UK (Spincraft UK).  Each provides global manufacturing solutions through collaborative engineering efforts. ETG precision net and near-net forming technologies are further enhanced with vertically integrated manufacturing processes.  These state-of-the-art facilities house world-class capabilities; including metal-forming, heat-treating, machining, welding, non-destructive testing and more.

Dynamic and Responsive Customer Service

Standex ETG is focused on establishing operational excellence and delivering the highest-quality precision-fabricated products for their customers. Using conventional and innovative methods across a range of specialty equipment, ETG is able to reduce costs across an unmatched range of formed sizes, shapes, and alloys. Nothing is more critical than developing and maintaining strong and lasting alliances with ETG customers.