The Engraving Group has been a driving force in the field of comprehensive roll, plate, and mold engraving for more than 80 years. The Engraving Group is a world leader in applying textures to a variety of surfaces for use in automotive, plastics, building products, textile, paper, computer and construction applications.

Texturized surfaces are considered to be more durable than smooth finishes, easier to keep clean, aesthetically more appealing, and generally more functional, particularly when it comes to providing a better bonding surface.  Examples of texturized products include interior dashboards and upholstery of automobiles, paper toweling, various synthetic flooring products and electronic products such as cell phones and printers.

Trade names include Mold-Tech, Piazza Rosa, WCS, Tenibac and Innovent.

The group’s key competitive advantages are its ability to combine the breadth of its proprietary pattern development capabilities, its state-of-the-art proprietary digital and laser processing technology with its network of 35 plants that are strategically positioned in every major tooling center worldwide.

Engraving Group Countries (# of plants):

  •  United States (6)
  •  China (8)
  •  India (4)
  • South Korea (1)
  •  Germany (2)
  •  Canada (1)
  •  Turkey (1)
  • Malaysia (1)
  •  Spain (1)
  •  France (1)
  •  Portugal (1)
  •  South Africa (1)
  •  Italy (3)
  • Mexico (2)
  •  Singapore (1)
  •  Romania (1)
  •  Czech Republic (1)
  • Brazil (1)
  •  United Kingdom (1)
  •  Russia (1)